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A Div
Winners – Redcar A
B Div
Winners – Darlington C
C Div
Winners – Middlesbrough Bishops
Individual Open
Joint First with 5.5
Nick Tavoularis
Julian Allison
Richard Hall
KO Cup
Winners – Redcar A
JB Plate
Winners – Middlesbrough Rooks


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The following appeal from Sean Marsh was received by the Executive Committee after its invitation to submit proposals for members to consider upon the distribution of the Ivory Chess Set Fund was published on the website:

”In both 2013 and 2015 CSC Teesside provided an opportunity for a group of juniors to attend the London Chess Classic. They played in the junior event mingled with the Grandmasters, enjoyed expert coaching sessions and on both occasions one of our star players made the ceremonial first move for Viswanathan Anand on the big stage, in front of a large worldwide audience.

The name of Teesside was greatly enhanced in the eyes of the chess world. Additionally, juniors making the most of such an experience or much more likely to continue playing chess once they leave Primary School.

Such expeditions require a substantial amount of preparation and a significant level of funding, especially as the group has to stay overnight in London due to the distances involved, thus incurring prohibitive costs in terms of train fares and hotel bills.”

The above is to be read with the communication from Malcolm Pein on this link:

Sean Marsh attachment June 2016

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The Executive Committee has discussed the implementation of resolution 4.1 passed at the AGM July 2015 (‘the Resolution’) and which determined that the net proceeds of the sale of the Ivory Chess Set (‘the Fund’) should be divided equally between Qualifying Members, as therein defined.

The Background

A resolution that was passed at the AGM July 2008 established a trust of the Fund in the sum of £13,018.95 (‘the Original Sum’) and stipulated that the trustees were obliged (inter alia), “…. (i) to use reasonable endeavours to retain the capital value of the Fund as at the date the said account is opened in accordance with the annual retail price index;”
It was further stipulated that interest earned on the Fund, less an amount to preserve the capital value of the Original Sum, should be paid into the Association’s current account. H.M Government’s retail price index for July 2008 was 216.5.

The Fund finally comprised an income bond with Virgin Money that matured on 20th January 2016 in the sum of £15, 619.29. H.M Government’s retail price index for February 2016 was 260.0. Accordingly, the Original Sum adjusted for retail price inflation to that date would amount, approximately, to £15,634.77 i.e. £13,018.95 x 260.0 / 216.5.

Since interest earned on the Fund has been paid into the Association’s current account periodically, it is necessary for £14.48 to be added to the Fund from to restore the capital value of the Original Sum.

The Distribution

Under the Resolution, the sum of £15,635 (£15,634.77 rounded up to the nearest £) falls to be distributed to Qualifying Members. The Executive Committee has determined that those members of the Association listed in the Schedule to this notice, being 127 in number (i.e. 119 adult members as listed in Part 1 and 8 junior members as listed in Part 2) are the Qualifying Members and that each is entitled to receive £123 (i.e. £15,635/127) to the nearest £.

The Method

The Association will make a payment of £123 by cheque drawn in favour of each Qualifying Member over 18 years of age. The Resolution envisaged that Qualifying Members would collect their cheques from the Officers of the Association. However, the Executive Committee will be undertaking a more practical and effective distribution with the assistance of Club Secretaries or other officers and it is intended that the cheques will be delivered in batches by hand or by post to them within the next seven days. Notice will be given on the website when delivery has been effected in order that relevant Qualifying Members may then arrange to collect their cheques. Each adult Qualifying Member will be asked to sign an acknowledgement of receipt of the cheque from his Club Secretary or other officer.

With regard to Qualifying Members under 18 years, the treatment of their respective interests in the Fund is covered by paragraph of the Resolution. Accordingly, their future annual subscriptions to the Association will be deducted from their £123 shares until they attain 18 years, at which date the balance remaining of their respective share will be payable by cheque to them. Club Secretaries should note that there is henceforth no necessity to remit the annual subscriptions to the Association for these juniors and further, that any annual junior membership fees paid for them to the English Chess Federation will be reimbursed to upon request.


Notice should be taken: firstly, that under the Resolution, if a cheque is not collected or presented within six months of its issue, the relevant Qualifying Member will be deemed to be agreeing that the payment shall remain in the Association’s current account and may be put to such use as members may resolve from time to time; and secondly, that in any event, a cheque must be presented for payment by its payee within six months of its date, otherwise it will not be honoured by the Association’s bank.

Finally, the Executive Committee recommends that each adult Qualifying Member should present his/her respective cheque for payment notwithstanding that he/she might not, ultimately, wish to benefit personally. Any payment of choice by a recipient is best made thereafter from his/her own account.


Cleveland Chess Association members registered both on 1st June, 2015 and 1st January, 2016 and therefore Qualifying Members under resolution 4.1 passed at the AGM 2015


1) Darlington C.C.
S Dauber
J Sams
S Ormerod
K Wilson
D Dixon
Richard Harris
R Donner
M Evans
G Hewitt
P McKay
J Garner
B Robinson
R Gilpin
C Stephens
S Fraser
A Fell
W Metcalfe
P Shaw
Boye Ogunde
B White
A Cinamon
C Lishman
D Harris

2) The Westgarth C.C.
D Richardson
R Harding
D Appleyard
G Botwright
S McCormack

3) Thornaby C.C.
C Carabine
M Creaney
P Douglass
B Ellis
R Honeybourne
G Howsden
W March
B Whitaker
D Wise
N Tadd
E Lazenby

4) Redcar C.C.
J Allinson
D Baillie
J Cowle
S Dunford
D Dykes
D Edmunds
T Foley
J Gentle
A Hare
S Henderson
I Kitchen
T Loborik
M McLoughlin
C R Moore
B Myers
A Smith
J Suscens
G Walsh
M Wheatley
G Dixon

5) Billingham Synthonia C.C.
B Callaghan
F Brown
M Curry
G Edwards
D Frank
P Frank
W Greenwood
V Skillcorn

6) Middlesbrough C.C.
N Bhandari
J Boyers
S Cole
M Gouda
P Gregory
N Huntley
R Kuby
G Murphy
J Pallister
R Pallister
P Perrett
P Ridsdale
R Stather
N Tavoularis

7) Hartlepool C.C.
E Glass
P Harker
D Lowcock
G Matthews
B Price
D Smith
R Stonehouse
K Waterman
B Wilson
L Robinson

8) Stockton C.C.
M Baldea
S Cassidy
G Garnett
J Garnett
H A Killick
J Littlehailes
D Simpson
D Stelling
J A Stockley
E N Webb
C Husband
H Lidford

9) Great Ayton C.C.
P Archer
N Cole
A Corbyn
G Dickinson
R Hall
M Hardman
M Hardy
K Harrison
A Jefferson
S Keswani
M McLoughlin
G Middlemiss
I Richardson
P Semp
A Reed

10) No Club
P Mitcheson


1) Darlington C.C. Juniors
A Garner
D Wilson
H Wilson

4) Redcar C.C. Juniors
N Benson
H Westwick

6) Middlesbrough C.C. Juniors
S Hewapathirana
I Mahmood

8) Stockton C.C. Juniors
Y Gulve

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21/6/16 AGM 2016 AGENDA

22/06/16 12:35hrs – NOTE UPDATE: Item 4 – Members Proposals – Constitution. A PDF has been added, please view by clicking on the link and printing off, additions/updates are in red – ADMIN SH


Annual General Meeting

To be held in St Mary’s Church Hall, (corner of) Green Lane/St Mary’s Walk, Middlesbrough
at 7.15 p.m. on Wednesday, 13th July 2016


MINUTES of the:

AGM held on 15/7/15 (published 5/9/15 on website) to the extent not approved at the general meeting below); and

EGM held on 20/11/15 (published as amended on website 11/1/16).



Prizes to be awarded to the following: –

A Division champions: Redcar A

B Division champions: Darlington C

C Division champions: Middlesbrough C

Tom Wise K/O Cup winners: Redcar A

Jeremy Burnett Plate winners: Middlesbrough Rooks

Individual open joint champions: N Tavoularis, J Allinson & R Hall (£50/3 each)

Individual minor (u145) champion: P Ridsdale (£50)

Grading prizes: (u165) R Stather and (u120) M Hardy (£25 each)




4.1 J Allinson, M Hardman, R Moore, P Ridsdale and R Stather:
That the Association makes provision for the creation of a fund for the promotion of the objects of the Association, and comprised of certain cash donated (if any) by Members and/or third parties from time to time to the Association for this purpose.

4.2 J Allinson, M Hardman, R Moore, P Ridsdale and R Stather:
That the draft amendments to the Constitution shown in agenda paper ‘CCA Constitution 2016’, under which provision is made for the creation of an ‘Association Fund’ for the promotion of the objects of the Association, be passed.

[NOTE from Secretary: the agenda paper referred to was submitted in a different format from that used for this document and will be added as an addendum. Any colouring of the text or underlining thereof may not be reproduced successfully.]

4.3 R Moore and R Stather:

That, in the event of resolution 4.2 being passed, a ‘Fund
Manager’ be elected. Nomination is Julian Allinson.

4.4 B Whitaker:

That the secretary shall publish details of proposals on the Association’s website, pertaining to any general meeting of the Association, within 48 hours of being received by him from any member of the Association.

4.5 B Ellis:

That the email addresses of all members be available to all club secretaries within the CCA unless individual members opt out. The list should identify members having no email address.

4.6 B Ellis:

That any decision taken at AGM will be rescinded if 75% of the membership wishes it. The notice to rescind will be proposed at an EGM. Club secretaries may submit votes on behalf of members who are not in attendance at the EGM.

4.7 B Ellis:

That the CCA AGM be held during the “chess year”.   A separate presentation night can be held for prize giving.

4.8 P Mitcheson:

That the Constitution be amended to remove all references to the remittance of grading fees or the like to the E.C.F. etc.


4.9 P Mitcheson:

4.9.1 That the Association substitute cash for the usual plastic trophies etc. and that such prizes be awarded to the clubs represented by the teams winning each division of the league and both K/O Cup competitions (the appropriate engraving of the permanent trophies being continued); and (if so passed),

4.9.2 That the winners’ prize money be set at £75 for the A Division; £50 for the B Division; £25 for the C Division; £50 for the K/O Cup; and £25 for the J.B. Plate.

4.10 P Mitcheson: That the Association terminate its membership of the N.C.C.U. (costing £75 per annum).

4.11 E Lazenby:

4.11.1 That any member of the association who, through any form of social media, is insulting, offensive or deeming of an officer(s) of the CCA should be formally warned about his/her behaviour and if such behaviour continues will be dealt with in accordance with the Constitution.

4.11.2 That sanctions should also apply to a club that allows its name to be used on social media as an outlet for one or more of its members to express insulting, offensive or deeming comments about officers of the Association.


League Rules

4.12 R Pallister: That when a division comprises 7 teams, the number of matches played should
be increased from 12 to 18 by playing an extra round of matches.

4.13 D Baillie: (on behalf D Edmunds) That rule 7.4.7 be amended by removing the words, “if their grade is 10 points or less above the lowest graded player eligible for that team.”



Chairman: D Baillie standing


Secretary: P Mitcheson standing

Match Organiser: D Edmunds standing

President: R Stather standing




Individual Competition Organiser:

E.C.F. delegate:

NCCU delegate:


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15/6/16 Match Organiser’s Report

Match Organiser’s Report AGM 2016

The League and Knock-out were completed without particular problems, Redcar winning both competitions.

A penalty was imposed on Darlington E for breaching rule 8.5 which limits the flexibility of board order to a margin of ten points.  The Match Organiser does not check every fixture for irregularities, but will penalise a team on becoming aware of any infraction.

Rule 7.4.7, which was introduced this season allowing an adult driver to participate in C team games did not cause any comment or controversy.

Stockton C withdrew from the C Division in January due to problems with player availability.  As half their fixtures had been completed, the Match Organiser decided to retain the completed results and default all the remaining matches.

A suggestion was made that captains should be able to “pick and mix” from the two rating lists in January, prior to the cut-off date for the older list.  The view of the Match Organiser is that, whilst an intermediate period of choice should continue, captains should either use the old or new lists, but not a mixture.

Last year, the Match Organiser reported that the League Trophy had been damaged during engraving.  This has now been repaired at no cost to the Association.

The Match Organiser wishes to request that care is taken during data entry to the web-site, as any errors can require considerable time and effort to correct.

Under rule 3.5, clubs may request the disposition of their teams within the league divisions.  All information should be with the Match Organiser by 19th September, who will, in discussion with the Executive Committee, decide on the composition of the league.

The Match Organiser further requests that all information concerning contact details for team captains and any other relevant information is e-mailed to him by 19th September.

An allegation was made on the Internet that the Match Organiser had manipulated the rules, in order to give Redcar an unfair advantage in the final of the Knock-out Cup.  In fact, all the clubs involved in the two finals were consulted as to their choice of venue, with Redcar offered as a possibility.  No comments or proposals were received, and a further enquiry resulted in a unanimous agreement to play at Redcar. This allegation is not only completely untrue, but grossly offensive.  Members should reflect on whether the Association’s difficulty in finding officers is related to this sort of extreme unpleasantness.

Match Organiser
June 2016

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To be held at 7.15 p.m. on Wednesday, 13th July 2016 at St Mary’s Church Hall, (corner of) Green Lane/St Mary’s Walk, Middlesbrough.
TAKE NOTICE that the Agenda will be published on or before 21st June 2016.
FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the deadline for receipt of members’ proposals for this meeting has been brought forward to on or before midnight on Saturday, 18th June 2016 AND THAT the notice published on the website on 26th May 2016 to that extent is hereby amended.

IMPORTANT: For their own convenience, Members are advised to print-off copies of the Agenda, Constitution, Rules, Minutes of Meetings, Officers’ reports etc from the website and bring them to the Meeting.
P Mitcheson, Secretary.

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26/5/16 Notice to Members

Notice to Members

In anticipation of the Annual General Meeting of the Association for 2016, would members wishing to:
1) Propose resolutions, submit them to the Secretary by email ( on or before 24th June 2016; or
2) Stand for election to any office, identify themselves by email (as above) as soon as possible.

P Mitcheson, Secretary.

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13/05/16 Individual Tournament – Final Results

The results of the Individual Tournament finale now available.

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28/4/16 Message from the Chairman

We have received a couple of emails asking for an update on the distribution of the money from the Ivory Chess Set Fund.  We would like to assure members that we are progressing the distribution and that further details will be posted on this website in the next few weeks.
D Baillie
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8/3/16 Ivory Chess Set Fund

Members will be aware that the Executive Committee are taking steps to distribute the funds deriving from the sale of the Ivory Chess Set fund to individual members.

‘We are aware that some members may wish to donate their share to third parties so we are inviting these third parties to post a message on the website to make members aware of their causes. Any groups, organisations or other associations of members within the Cleveland Chess Association who wish to do so are invited to email a paragraph of no more than 150 words promoting their cause, which must be for the furtherance of chess in the Cleveland Chess Association area, to the chairman of the Association ( by 31 March 2016.

All paragraphs will be posted simultaneously on the CCA website as soon as possible after that date.

D Baillie, Chairman

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26/2/16 Middlesbrough Chess Club – New Venue

Please note that, as of 7th March, Middlesbrough Chess Club will be meeting at:

The Conservative Club,

21 Orchard Road,

Middlesbrough TS5 5PN


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