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Wednesday 23rd JUNE 2004

Dave Richardson (Teesside Hungarians), Jeremy Burnett, Graham Edwards (Billingham Synthonia), David Smith, Keith Smith, Graham Matthews, Les Boxx (Hartlepool), Suresh Keswani, Phil Semp, Joe Richardson (Stokesley), Ray Pallister, Tony Kiddle, David Smith (Middlesbrough), Steve Henderson, Gerry Walsh (Woodpushers), Bill McGregor (Peterlee), John Gorley, Stephen Dauber (Elmwood), John Cowle, David Baillie (Redcar), Stuart Morgan (Guisborough).

Bob Rowe, Brian Myers, Richard Moore.

Accepted as a true record.

*NCCU U16 Tournament
Thanks to Darlington Chess Club.

*League Trophy
Confirmed that vote from clubs was not to sell.



a) Gerry reported that there had recently been a disgraceful financial meeting at which moves to put the BCF on a sound financial footing were voted down. There was a special meeting pending to discuss mandatory membership. Gerry was not hopeful that this would be accepted.

b) The game fee was increased from 36p to 44p in April.7p of this goes in VAT. This rise was partly the result of allocating an extra 3000 as part of the International Budget to play in overseas tournaments, which adds 3 1/2p on the game fee and only benefits a very few people. Derbyshire were refusing to pay the game fee and had withdrawn from the BCF- but could still play in the County Championship!..

c) BCF finances are made difficult by chess not being recognised as a sport, and thus not being able to access Lottery funds or be VAT exempt. Also, extortionate room rentals for meetings of BCF deplete the funds.60,000 comes from the Government (frozen)- and this is BCF's largest source of income.

d) The BCF has been advised to become a company limited by guarantee to protect its officers, but this is being resisted in some quarters.


The only problem Phil had with arranging meetings was that his address list was incomplete. While it was reasonable for members notified to be expected to inform other members of their club that a meeting was coming up, it was not reasonable to expect them to contact all their members. Accordingly, since the meeting agreed that there was a right for members to be informed (and that everyone didn't have an email address), it was suggested that when people sign up for the new season they be asked to provide their address, if they wish to be sent County correspondence.


Steve Dauber distributed a written report. Issues highlighted were:

a) More than 700 were collected in game fees last season; this would rise to around 850,given the recent BCF rise. However, since the Association made a surplus of 824.63 and as there was nearly 3000 in the bank,it was proposed that 2004-05 fees be kept at the same level as last season.

b) The number of registered players dropped by 10 from the previous season.

c) It was suggested that the 6 direct registration fee be deleted.

The report was accepted unanimously and a vote of thanks to Steve was moved.


A written report from Bryan Myers was presented to the meeting. In Brian's absence, Ray highlighted the key issues. Sean Marsh won the Open and Bernie Price (yet again) won the Minor. Brian was thanked for his work in organising the Individuals. He has agreed to continue in 2004/05.


In Bob Rowe's absence, Ray spoke on his behalf.

a) There had been regular contact between Bob and Ray to ensure that grades for individual games were inputted and kept up-to-date.

b) Nine events had been graded this year.

c) The coming season's grades should be out by early September.

Bob wished to thank everyone for their help. A vote of thanks was given to Bob.


a) Ray suggested that the Presentation Evening be held at Synthonia Club in September on a Wednesday evening. It would also be good to re-instate the entertainment evening, but this would require a lot of work...

b) The kO Cup was highly successful. The main event was won by Elmwood; the Plate by Synthonia `A`. Thanks to Synthonia for offering use of their venue.

c) The Leagues all featured some exciting matches and the leaderships were contested to the end( except Elmwood, who walked the `A` Division with matches to spare). Elmwood Juniors won the `B` Division, Whitby were runners up; Hartlepool won the `C` Division, Woodpushers were runners up.

d) Ray reported that results came in promptly and that he and Steve Henderson worked very well together to ensure that results were promptly available on the website. Ray moved a vote of thanks to Steve for all the work he'd put in over the year.

e) 6 clubs had points deducted for breaching rules.

f) Ray made a request for all clubs to have their AGMs before the third week in September.

No report. Sean Marsh has said that he is NOT Junior Organiser.


Steve Henderson reported that everything has gone well on the website. There have been modifications made and Cleveland came second in the BCF's Website of the Year 2003.

The President, League Secretary, County Secretary, Treasurer, and Grader were re-elected. The posts of Junior Organiser and Press Officer were not filled.


1) Submitting proposals for rule changes.

Ray Pallister and Phil Semp proposed that
The deadline for submitting rule changes shall be May 15.
This was accepted unanimously.

2) Players changing clubs during the season.

Jeremy Burnett and Graham Edwards submitted the following resolution:
Players registered with one club shall be entitled to join a fresh club and play for its team(s), if chosen, provided they have resigned in writing from their current membership.

Phil Semp proposed an amendment to the effect that players can change clubs, provided that they have not played more than 3 league games for their present club. They must resign, in writing, from their current club AND notify the League Secretary of this prior to playing any games for their new club.
This was accepted nem con.

3) Score books and score sheets

Steve Henderson and Chris Carrabine moved that:
No score books shall be used in Cleveland League chess to record the moves. Only individual score sheets are to be used.

After much discussion as to whether or not recording moves in score books was in accord with BCF rules, Gerry undertook to make enquiries at BCF and report back to the next exec meeting.

4) Confirming the fixture

From Steve Henderson:
The rule that home teams must confirm the fixture with the away captain at least seven days prior to the fixture shall be re-instated. After Ray pointed out that it had been an omission last year, the proposal was unanimously confirmed.

5) Substitutes
From Chris Carrabine:
No substitutes shall be permitted for people who haven't turned up for games.

Suresh Keswani and Phil Semp circulated a long amendment to the above. The amendment and the substantive resolution were both heavily defeated.

6) Exchanging team sheets
From Chris Carrabine:
Individual team sheets shall be swapped by captains before the match starts.
This was accepted unanimously.

7) Cup matches
From Chris Carrabine:
Players must have played in at least one league game before being allowed to play in the cup.
This was unanimously defeated.

Since the Presentation Evening had already been discussed, there was no discussion under this item.

Phil Semp
CCA Secretary