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Minutes of Cleveland Chess Association AGM 2005

Tuesday 7th June 2005, 7.30 p.m.

The Queen’s Head, Stokesley



Gerry Walsh (President, Woodpushers), Phil Semp(County Secretary, Stokesley), Joe Richardson, Suresh Keswani (Stokesley), Ray Pallister (League Organiser, Middlesbrough), Bob Rowe(County Grader, Middlesbrough), Tony Kiddle, Ged Murphy, John Renwick, Phil Mitcheson, David Smith, Norman Stephenson, Ian Elcoate, Ron Stather (Middlesbrough), Steve Henderson (Woodpushers), Mike Creaney, Jeremy Burnett, Graham Edwards, Brian Whitaker (Synthonia), David Smith, Keith Smith, Graham Matthews, Frank Boagey, Bill Wilson (Hartlepool), David Baillie (Redcar), Steve Dauber(County Treasurer, Elmwood), John Gorley, Brian Myers, Alan Trotter (Elmwood), Stuart Morgan (Guisborough), Bill McGregor (Peterlee), Brian Stevens, Mike Anderson, Derek Priestley (Whitby),Dave Richardson (Hungarians)


The meeting was preceded by a tribute and a minute’s silence for Les Boxx, who died in the 2004-05 Season.



There were no apologies.



These were accepted as a true record.



The bar on the use of scorebooks during matches was confirmed at the Executive Meeting following the AGM

Gerry pointed out that, after July 2005, there was to be no writing down of moves on score sheets prior to making them

There was no separate presentation evening



County Secretary

A plea was made for members to let himself or the League Organiser have their address



The annual financial report was circulated to those present. Steve pointed out that a slight surplus was made after recurrent expenditures such as the League Championship trophy; expenses for the Major and Minor competitions; legal fees; the Cleveland registration fees. He also said that it was a sound policy to support congress events e.g. Hartlepool.


League Organiser

Ray reported that we ran three divisions, each with eight teams. Despite a horrible start, with teams dropping out, teams refusing promotion, and teams requesting to be demoted before a single pawn was pushed, the season went well over all. Thanks to Synthonia for agreeing to be promoted. There were good matches in all the divisions. Upper Eskdale won the "C" Division; Hungarians won the "B" Division, and Middlesbrough Rooks were the runaway winners of the "A" division.

Elmwood won the Tom Wise Trophy (the knockout cup) and Synthonia won the Plate Competition.

A request was made for clubs to have their AGMs early in September so that teams can be organised in good time for the fixture lists to be produced. Addressed results sheets are to be distributed to all teams in September.

Finally, Ray thanked Bob Rowe (the County Grader) for his support


County Individual Organiser

Brian reported that it had been a good season. There was only one default, in all, in both competitions. Bernie Price won the Minor, yet again, and David Wise won the Major.



Steve gave a vote of thanks to those who sent in their team results to the website and also to those submitting articles for the site. He urged members to keep contributing, especially as Cleveland had won Chess Website of the Year.

Tony Kiddle moved a vote of thanks to all officers for their work during the 2004/05 season.

Gerry Walsh reported on recent BCF developments:

the move to renaming of the BCF to ECF was to take place on 23 October 2005;

at the same time the ECF will become a company limited by guarantee;

the Management Board has been cut from21 to 9;

there is a chance that chess could be deemed to be a sport, or, if not that, then possibly the ECF could become a charity (the rationale for downsizing of the Management Board);

the grading list for the coming season will be posted on the BCF website for a period of one month, from July.1st August will be the deadline for notification of changes. Cleveland grades will be posted on the association’s website;

the next Management Board meeting is to discuss mobile phone policy.



All officers were re-elected unopposed.



It was unanimously agreed that all members of the CCCA must be members of the BCF(ECF) in order to participate in any of the Association’s events.




It was agreed that there shall be no smoking in the playing room during matches.

Nominated players

It was agreed to change RULE 8B so that the date of submission of nominated players shall in future be 31 st October (to align with registrations)

Promotion and relegation

It was agreed to change RULE14, para 2, to read:

"Promotion and relegation shall be automatic. Any club which has a team which refuses promotion by dropping out of the league shall not be allowed to enter a team in a lower division for the following season. Should a team drop out, then the divisions shall be adjusted to retain a full complement in the higher divisions by the second from bottom team not being relegated. Should two teams drop out from that division, then no team shall be relegated.

"No player who played for a team that drops out can play for a newly formed team the following season."

Players per team

Both proposals to change the minimum number of players per team were defeated.


A proposal that the away team shall have white on all boards was defeated.

Board Order

A proposal to permit teams to play their members in any board order (still written down on a team sheet and exchanged with the opposing captain prior to the game) was defeated.


A proposal that any team defaulting on other than the bottom board shall have ˝ point deducted from their match score was defeated.


A proposal to award a trophy or a shield to each winning team (which will be handed back at the end of the season), but not to individual team members, and cash prizes to the winners and runners up (for the use of the club concerned) was overwhelmingly carried.

It was left to the Executive, at the September meeting, to decide how the money was to be apportioned, but it was agreed that "A" Division winners shall receive more than "B" Division winners, who shall get more than "C" Division winners.



It was agreed that since the issue of trophies had been debated in the previous agenda item, there was no longer a need to have a separate discussion on this.