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Minutes of Cleveland Chess Association AGM 2006

Wednesday 14th June 2006, 7.30 p.m.

The Queen’s Head, Stokesley



Gerry Walsh (President, Eston and Normanby), Phil Semp (County Secretary, Stokesley), Ray Pallister (League Organiser, Middlesbrough), Mick Creaney ( County Grader, Billingham Synthonia), Steve Dauber (County Treasurer, Elmwood); Graham Edwards, David Jackaman, Brian Whitiker ( Billingham Synthonia); William Metcalfe, Brian McKie, Kyle Kinnie (Darlington); Brian Myers (Elmwood); Chris Carabine, Steve Henderson (Eston and Normanby); Stuart Morgan (Guisborough); Mark Priest, Dilly McAlpine, Frank Boagey, Graham Matthews, Bill Wilson, Paul Harker ( Hartlepool); John Pallister, Ian Elcoate, Tony Kiddle, Phil Mitcheson, Andre Pasztor, Ernie Lazenby (Middlesbrough); Bill McGregor (Peterlee); John Suscens, David Baillie, Alan Hare (Redcar); Ian Richardson, Joe Richardson, Suresh Keswani (Stokesley); Dave Richardson, Steve McCormack (Teesside Hungarians);Derek Priestley (Whitby).

The meeting was preceded by a minute’s silence for two longstanding members of Cleveland Chess Association who had died during the 2005-06 Season – Jeremy Burnett and Mike Welch


David Smith (Hartlepool), David Smith (Middlesbrough), Richard Moore (Redcar)


These were accepted as a true record




President and Chairperson

It was agreed that the office of President and Chairperson shall be different and that the Chairperson be elected at each AGM.

Review of wording of Rules and Constitution

It was agreed that a person with professional expertise should be asked to review the current set of Rules and the Constitution with a view to removing ambiguities therein. Philip Mitcheson agreed to perform this task and to report back to the Executive at the earliest opportunity. The meeting thanked Philip for this.


It was agreed to delete all references in the Constitution to BCF and to substitute ECF.

Conditions of participation

In view of the recent dispute between the NCCU and the ECF (see item below) it was agreed to defer the following until clarification had been reached on this:

"All members of CCCA must be members of either the ECF or NMS in order to participate in any of the Association’s events."


Rule 5

It was agreed to replace reference to "TWO LEAGUE POINTS" with "ONE LEAGUE POINT". It was also agreed to add a final sentence: " Any team which concedes a match shall also be deducted ONE LEAGUE POINT ".

Rule 6

A resolution to amend the minimum members per team to 5 in all Divisions was narrowly defeated.


It was agreed to amend Rule 7(b) to require registration fees to be paid by 30TH SEPTEMBER each year before the season starts and to surcharge any defaulting club £10 per team. Furthermore, any team not paying by 14th OCTOBER shall be removed from the fixture list and be required to register in the C Division the following season should they wish to play in the Cleveland League.

Rule 10

It was agreed that no substitutes be permitted unless they fit in with the grading order.



A lengthy discussion took place on issues and recent events concerning the relationships between the ECF and the NCCU. This has culminated in the ECF giving three months notice, as required by law, that to terminate the agreement with NCCU for the NMS so that it will run out on 31st August 2006.The latest documents from ECF and from Bill O’Rourke, on behalf of the NCCU were presented to the meeting.

Whilst there was a great deal of support for the thrust of the O’Rourke proposals, which would put more money into Northern chess, it was pointed out that Bill O’Rourke had breached the agreement with the ECF and thus, at this point in time, there is unlikely to be an NMS for the 2006/07 season. Certain members felt that, at the last AGM, CCCA was misled about the relationship between the NMS and ECF, particularly in that as well as an NMS form, members would have to fill in a separate ECF form in order to qualify for ECF membership through the NMS. Accordingly, the point was made that some players did not fill in the ECF form. In fact, only 97 players signed that form (Gerry Walsh)

It was pointed out that there was the possibility of some accommodation between the NCCU and the ECF at the forthcoming ECF Council meeting on 24 June, but at the moment CCCA is not in a position to make a decision on upcoming payment of fees until matters are resolved at ECF re. NMS.

It was agreed that the Cleveland representatives should support the NCCU at the upcoming ECF meeting.



County Secretary

Phil Semp reported that his work for the year had consisted in calling meetings after consultation with other officers; taking minutes; acting as a post box and a forwarder of information concerning relevant chess events; liasing with ECF. The ECF Yearbooks were made available to the meeting.

Once more, Phil called for members to keep him informed of new/changed email addresses.

League Organiser

Ray Pallister was most concerned that, despite his decision to dock points from Elmwood for late payment of fees being endorsed in a public forum of the previous Executive meeting, individuals who had criticism of his stewardship were not raising the issues concerned to him personally, but were using the Chess Forum. He also doubted whether certain individuals purporting to represent club opinion were, in fact, doing so.

Concerns were voiced at the meeting that Ray had not been even handed in his application of the Rules. Specifically, it was said that the point docking for late payment of fees was applied and yet one of the Middlesbrough teams, at the behest of their captain, was allowed to play a re-scheduled match outside the time limits, rather than the other team forfeiting the match. While it was admitted that this was a bending of the rules, it was done to allow members who wanted to play chess to do so, rather than have a walkover….


Steve Dauber tabled a very comprehensive report. The finances were very healthy, with a surplus of about £300; membership rose from 160 in 2004/05 to 165 in 2005/06.

A vote of thanks was proposed and accepted by the meeting for Steve’s work during the past season.

County Individual Controller

Brian Myers presented a full report to the meeting. Both the Major and the Minor competitions had gone very smoothly. However, he had now decided to step down. A vote of thanks was moved and Bryan was congratulated for all the work he had successfully put in over the past few years.


Mike Creaney reported that so far there had been few problems. The only knotty problem seems to be how to grade ungraded players. He reported that he was consulting a number of graders on this issue and would report back.


Steve Henderson reported that the website was functioning very well. Score sheets are coming in and his only interventionist role is to prevent matters becoming personal – thus last year’s problems have been eliminated.


Gerry Walsh reported that there is still a problem in getting someone to help in the running of Middlesbrough Congress. If someone would volunteer, he would provide advice and assistance.



The following officers were elected:

President: Gerry Walsh

Chairperson: Ernie Lazenby

County Secretary: Phil Semp

League Organiser: Ray Pallister

Treasurer: Steve Dauber

County Individual Controller: David Smith (Middlesbrough)

NCCU Delegates: Bill Metcalfe & Steve Henderson

ECF Delegate: Gerry Walsh

Webmaster: Steve Henderson

County Grader: Mike Creaney



It was agreed to increase the Association’s financial support for Hartlepool Congress and the NE Rapidplay Circuit by £10 for each i.e. from £70 to £80 and from £50 to £60, respectively.