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Minutes of Cleveland Chess Association AGM [Unratified]

Wednesday 13 th June 2007, Billingham Synthonia Club


Gerry Walsh (President), Ernie Lazenby (Chair), Phil Semp (Secretary), Steve Dauber (Treasurer); Jim Rogers, Gerald Shotton, Graham Matthews (Athenaeum); Graham Edwards, David Jackaman, Brian Whitaker (Billingham); William Metcalfe, Kyle Kinnie (Darlington); Stuart Morgan (Guisborough); Bill Wilson, Keith Smith, David Smith, Frank Boagie (Hartlepool); Nathan Huntley, David Smith, Peter Ridsdale, Philip Mitcheson (Middlesbrough); Colin Smith, Steven Carter (Peterlee); David Baillie, David Edmunds, Stan Lovell, James Johns, Alan Lau (Redcar); Gordon Dickinson (Stokesley); Dave Richardson (Teesside Hungarians); Dennis Sawdon (Upper Eskdale)


Apologies for Absence

Mike Creaney, Andrew Killick, Joe Richardson, Suresh Keswani,

Prior to commencement of business there was a minute’s silence to commemorate:

Ernie Bradford

John Lightfoot

Tony Kiddle


Presentation of trophies

* Gerry Walsh congratulated Brian Whitaker and all the county players for winning the NCCU Trophy

* Cleveland Individual

Joint Winners - Open

David Baillie and David Smith

Joint Winners – Minor

Jason Gentle and Kevin Wilson

* League Winners

"C" Division Redcar B

"B" Division Redcar A

"A" Division Middlesbrough Wasps

Merit Prize –12 points out of 12 – Alan Lau



AGM 2006

These were accepted as a true record, with the amendment of Billy McAlpine for "Dilly" McAlpine.

It was agreed that the Constitution now needs to be changed to embody the distinct posts of Chair and President.

EGM 3rd August 2006

These were accepted as a true record. There were no matters arising not dealt with elsewhere.

EGM Ist December 2006

These were accepted as a true record. Gerry Walsh clarified that the Middlesbrough Congress trophy belongs to Middlesbrough Council. The issue of the CCA bank account was clarified at the EM of 17/01/07. All signatories were now to hand.

EGM 23rd March 2007

These were accepted as a true record. The Secretary read out a letter from Mr AC Winfield concerning the ballot results and the due process.

In response to a query, the Chair explained why it was inappropriate to sell the set at the AGM. It was agreed that an EGM would be called shortly to discuss the sale of the set and the administration of the proceeds. Notification of this would take place through club secretaries (who would be asked to notify all their club members), the CCA sec’s address list, and the website. A resolution to write to each individual member was rejected.

Gerald Shotton, who had made an offer back in December, expressed annoyance at the long delay. Chair, Secretary and Steve Henderson explained that the matter had been dealt with as quickly as possible: any delay was due to factors not in CCA’s control.

The Chair duly signed off all minutes.




*This had been a hectic, but saddest of years, especially with the death of Tony Kiddle, who had given so much to Cleveland chess over so many years.

*On a brighter note – Gawain Jones has become one of England’s newest grandmasters.

*The new MO Scheme was now approved. There is no increase in fees, except that the junior fee has been raised from £5 to £6. Also, it is now possible for someone to be a registered player through an MO scheme without signing the white form. This entails certain restrictions (can’t elect Direct Members’ Representatives or have a FIDE grade).

The meeting agreed to call an EGM at which the 2007 MO scheme will be discussed in full – given CCA’s previous notice to quit from 31st August (following January’s EC meeting).

*Gerry would not seek re-election for CCA President or as an ECF delegate.


*He apologised to certain individuals, with whom he had since established normal relations, but did not apologise for embarking on certain measures needed to improve certain procedures. He said he had learned a lot from this: he had reflected and come back as both League Organiser and Chair.

*He tried to continue in best interests of the members and of CCA.

League Organiser

*There were a lot of outstanding issues unresolved when he took over. These were all resolved very quickly – to the satisfaction of all parties. Of specific note for the future conduct of CCA matches:

1) No interference with any player’s clock in any situation

2) Double defaults not 0.5-0.5, but 0-0, and defaults to have names on the score sheet.

*He decided to present on the night the Tom Wise KO Cup (Peterlee winners) and the Plate (Middlesbrough Knights).


*Final accounts for year could not be presented until July. Detailed papers were presented to the meeting. Of particular note were:

Deficit over season of >£500,even though funds overall had a surplus of about £1500 – due to the cost of the County Team. He will propose that Individual Membership be increased from £3-50 to £4 to cover this.



CCA Secretary

*This had been an exceptionally busy year especially with agendas and correspondence for an AGM, 2 Exec Meetings, and 3 EGMs, plus occasional meetings with other officers and work connected with organisation of KO Cup competitions.

 NCCU Delegates

William Metcalfe and Steve Henderson highlighted:

*A proposal at NCCU AGM, with encouragement from Martin Regan, for NCCU to become an MO, rather than have 8 different County MO schemes on the go.

There is a proposal that NCCU would get 50% of everything collected over game fee for all events played in the NCCU region (as well as the usual 10% of each member’s fee under the MO scheme) – thus a lot of extra revenue for Northern Chess.

*There is a big drive to have the NCCU Championship expanded, with teams being grouped into Eastern and Western groups, the winners of each meeting in the Final.

 Registration Officer

Steve Henderson ended up doing the job normally done by the treasurer, as members’ details had to be entered on a spreadsheet. Chair said he’d done a very efficient job.

 County Grader

Mike Creaney was not present at the meeting, but sent a list of everything he had done. It was generally agreed by the meeting that he had done a brilliant job, answering queries very efficiently, clearly and promptly. Of particular note were:

1) Taking over the grading of tournament at Grange-over-Sands and NCCU Championships

2) Introduction of half yearly gradings, without any extra costs being incurred

3) Rationalisation of grading of "lapsed" players.

 County Captain

It had been an enjoyable and successful year, but very hard work. Results were all very close. We lost 7-5 to Norfolk in the last round. Brian thanked all players who took part + Steve Henderson and Mike Creaney for standing in when necessary. He said he needed someone to assist if he is to continue next year. Peter Ridsdale volunteered.

 Individual Organiser

 David Smith said that his predecessor, Brian Myers, had already set everything up. It was very straightforward, with 14 players in each of the Major and Minor competitions. He said he hoped more players would join this coming year. In answer to a question as to whether an Intermediate grouping could work, David thought this would result in fewer players in each section. The meeting agreed to keep the present format.

 A vote of thanks was given to all officers.

A warm vote of thanks was given to Gerry Walsh by the meeting for the many years’ service to CCA and to Chess generally. Also, Ray Pallister was thanked for his many years as League Organiser.



*It was agreed that CCA maintains its own computer database of members’ contact details: this will be for CCA purposes only. It will only be kept on computer should an individual sign up for to this.

*After some debate, it was agreed to revert to the previous practice of awarding individual trophies annually (gold/silver medals in presentation cases) to the winners in the three divisions + KO Cup.

*It was agreed that in order to play in CCA events an individual must: 1) be a CCA registered member and 2) be an ECF member either direct, registered, or basic through an MO scheme.


Rule Change

Rule 10 of the Individual championship was changed so that the time limit shall be 36 moves in an hour and a half, followed by an allegro finish with 15 minutes further for each player – unless both players agree to some other time limit.


Officers Elected

President: Steve Henderson

Chairperson: Ernie Lazenby


Treasurer and

Registration Officer: Steve Dauber

Secretary: Phil Semp

NCCU Delegates: William Metcalfe and Steve Henderson

Grader: Mike Creaney

League Organiser: Ernie Lazenby

County Captain: Brian Whitaker (Peter Ridsdale his assistant)

Individual Organiser: David Smith



County Teams

After some debate, it was agreed that a fixed sum, to be decided by the treasurer with members’ approval, be allocated annually to each team. This year this would be £250 for Zonals; £350 if we reach the National Finals. It was also unanimously agreed to raise the CCA fee from £3-50 to £4.


Re-writing of Constitution and Rules

It was agreed that Article 12 of the Constitution be removed and that an EGM be convened exclusively to consider the revision of the Rules and Constitution, as agreed by the 2006 AGM.



CCA Official Website

Following difficulties with the ownership and funding of the website, it was overwhelmingly agreed that CCA pays the necessary fees to set up its own official website. Steve Henderson to be the Webmaster.