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Minutes of meeting of EGM 20th July 2007 (unratified)

Attendance: Steve Henderson, Gerry Walsh (Redcar); Ernie Lazenby, David Smith, Nathan Huntley, John Boyers, Steven Cole (Middlesbrough); Graham Matthews, David Smith, Keith Smith (Hartlepool); Bill McGregor (Peterlee); Phil Semp (Stokesley)

Apologies: Andrew Killick, Suresh Keswani, Brian Whitaker, Ron Stather, David Gniadek, Andre Pasztor, Steve Dauber

There were two items on the agenda
1) Final disposal of the Ivory Chess set and management of revenue raised
2) MO 2007-08

MO Scheme

*The Chair outlined the reasons why CCA gave notice back in February to withdraw from the Cleveland MO agreement with ECF as from 1st September 2007. Now that the details of the ECF agreement for 2007-2008 were published (the secretary circulated this agreement prior to the meeting and tabled copies) we were in a position to reconsider our position. The new agreement was as had been circulated (with the deletion of the previously circulated point 4, and consequent re-numbering, as notified just prior to the meeting); with no increase in basic membership fee (stays at 10 with 1 commission for each signed up member); junior fee has been increased from 5 to 6. The only other point of significance is that there is now a new category - "Registered Player"- for those who are not to prepared to sign the white indemnification form (see point 18).

*There had been talk of an NCCU MO scheme being launched, which would include a 50/50 profit, which could greatly benefit Northern chess. However, after some discussion, in which it was pointed out that nothing from NCCU was available to present to the meeting (although Gerry Walsh, after phoning ECF, said that he had been sent something earlier in the day and Steve Henderson, as NCCU delegate, said there was a contract between NCCU and ECF, but this had not yet been finalised), it was agreed that CCA enter into an agreement to run its own MO scheme. Given the decision of the AGM, it was also agreed that, should NCCU enter into an acceptable agreement with ECF prior to the start of the season, individuals could chose to join the NCCU scheme as an alternative (obviously anyone newly joining during the season would also have that choice).

Ivory Chess Set
* The secretary read out the original letter from Gerald Shotton ( 09 12 06) offering to buy the set for 5000, provided this offer were to be accepted within 6 months. He also read out a further letter (19 06 07) withdrawing his offer. The Chair pointed out that there has been no further offer from any other member. He reminded the meeting of dealings he had had back in November with Tennants and Bonham's, whereby Tennants had valued it at 3.5K - 5K, with a reserve of 3K and where they would only ask for 10% commission. Bonham's valuation was the same, but they couldn't sell it for 18 months and wanted full commission. After some discussion it was unanimously agreed that the Ivory Chess Set be placed in Tennants' Fine Arts Sale (this is a worldwide live auction at Leyburn going out on the internet) in November.

*A lively discussion involving several members examined alternatives concerning the management of revenue gained from sale of the Set. A proposal was mooted that CCA should appoint trustees to manage the fund. However, in the absence of a viable trust agreement document, and with certain reservations being expressed generally, it was agreed that an interest bearing deposit account be set up in which the proceeds of the sale are to be placed; that this money be not touched until a decision as to it's future management is made at the next AGM .