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Minutes of Cleveland Chess Association EGM - Wednesday, 12 th September 2007 at Synthonia Club




Steve Henderson (President), Steve Dauber (Treasurer), Phil Semp (Secretary); David Jackaman, Walter Greenwood, Bernie Callaghan (Billingham Synthonia); William Metcalfe (Darlington); Paul Douglass, Brian Whitaker (Griffin); Stuart Morgan (Guisborough); Keith Smith, Graham Matthews (Hartlepool); Ernie Lazenby, Nathan Huntley, David Smith (Middlesbrough); David Edmunds, Stan Lovell, David Baillie (Redcar); Joe Richardson (Stokesley)


Andrew Killick, Derek Priestley, Dennis Sawdon, Norman Cole


There was one substantive item – CCA Bank Accounts and the Treasurer’s Position.


Steve Henderson was voted into the chair for this meeting.

Steve presented the background to the issue at hand.

At the EGM in December 2006, it was agreed that, in common with other similar organisations, CCA should require two signatories from amongst the officers on all cheques. This was confirmed at the January 2007 Executive meeting and the treasurer undertook to change the mandate. In addition an auditor, Peter Ridsdale, was appointed to audit the accounts. The 2007 AGM (June) came and went and no change to the mandate had been made. Also, the treasurer stated that the end of year accounts would not be ready until July. Still the mandate has not changed nor the accounts yet audited.

Steve Dauber was invited to explain the situation and to make certain proposals.

Steve Dauber said that he had been treasurer since 1991. When he took over the mandate was for either himself, as Treasurer, or Gerry Walsh, as President, to sign all cheques. Gerry resigning as president at the June AGM exacerbated the long delay.

Steve said that there are a lot of cheques involving very trivial amounts and to have to post these out for a second signature and then to have it posted back to send out to the recipient would involve a lot of extra unnecessary expense and would lead to delay in such cheques being received. What was required was a compromise whereby only cheques of £250 or more would need two signatures: all the rest would only need one. If this proposal were not to be acceptable to the meeting, then he would resign as treasurer.

Discussion was then thrown open to the floor.

Points raised:

Couldn’t see the relevance of the president resigning in June 2007 – six months after the initial decision was taken to change the mandate.

Numerous events where officers are present mean that two signatures could be done on the same night. Outside of this, a sae could be included by the treasurer to be posted on to the recipient, with the minimum of delay and extra cost.

This meeting does not have the authority to alter the CCA’s decision. There would have to be a separate meeting where a resolution had been duly notified to members in advance of the meeting. Any two signatories, with no caveats, has been the Association’s policy since December 2006. Until the present meeting Steve had said he’d alter the mandate as required. Bottom line is that members’ decisions are sovereign.

Steve should either carry out members’ wishes or resign.

At this point Steve Dauber resigned.

Steve was thanked by the meeting for all the work he had put in over the years and the personal resources he had put into rescuing and getting CCA’s finances on a healthy footing. Regrets were voiced that Steve could not see his way forward to implementing the members’ wishes on the question of the mandate.

A question was asked to Steve Henderson as to whether or not there were interested parties for the treasurer’s position. Steve said there were. The meeting then agreed that the remaining officers should approach such.



Peter Ridsdale has agreed to become treasurer until the next AGM. The mandate has been changed and a current and deposit account have been set up accordingly.