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2nd March 2004,The Queens' Head,Stokesley

Phil Semp (County Sec), Gerry Walsh (President), Ray Pallister (League Sec), Brian Myers (Elmwood), Dennis Sawdon (Upper Eskdale), Joe Richardson (Stokesley), Steve Henderson (Woodpushers), Bill McGregor (Peterlee), Stuart Morgan (Guisborough), Graham Edwards (Synthonia)


Steve Dauber (Treasurer)


These were accepted as a true record, with one minor amendment-
Don NOT John Dykes had sent in his apologies.




For 32
Against 37

No papers were received from the following clubs:-

Billingham Synthonia


League Secretary's Report

a) Correspondence

*From CHRIS CARABINE regarding a game against STEVE MEASEY

There was a dispute regarding a time scramble. The two captains agreed a draw. On receipt of the captains' reports, these were sent to BCF Chief Arbiter. The ruling came back that "mate" overrides
everything. Also, captains CANNOT agree a result on behalf of two players


Graham complained that Darlington failed to stick to the 7 days rule re conceding matches and that Brian McKie was rude ( Brian claimed that it was Graham who was rude...).The outcome was that the match was claimed 5-0 and Darlington were deducted one league point.

*From the NORMAN brothers

Alan and Brian wanted to move from Woodpushers, for whom they've played this season, back to Synthonia. The exec has no discretion. The rule clearly indicates that a player may only play for one club in a given season.

b)General Issues

*The league was going ok. Matches were being played on time, with only a few teams having points deducted for flouting rules; all clubs paid up on time; “B” Division operating with 5 players per team and only 2 teams have opted so far to play with 6 players.

*Re. the Cup: Rounds so far at Westgarth and Synthonia, where 86
players took part, including some playing County Individual matches. Now at semi stage, which is to held at The Touchdown on 19th April

*AGM – early June, Stokesley; Presentation – 2nd Monday in September at Synthonia

Treasurer’s Report

No problems. All bills paid and finances in order.

Grader’s Report

Bob has got all league results so far + other relevant results. There is some discussion nation-wide re. Possibility of negative grading.

County Individual Organiser’s Report

Going well. Currently in the fifth round.

BCF Representative’s Report

a) Junior Chess
Gerry pointed out that Sean Marsh had managed to raise £22 k for chess in schools, but this only covered two schools and their feeders. Also, a very small amount had come from the BCF for one school in the county- Kings’ Academy. Gerry is to address the School Assembly urging pupils to join the School Chess Club.

Sean Marsh had indicated that he could not do the job of junior organiser, so we shall have to find some other volunteer.

b) Lottery Money
Only very small amounts of money have accrued to the BCF, despite (false) claims in the House of Lords that £250000 had come its way.

c) Limited Company
Moves are afoot for the BCF to become a company limited by guarantee.

d) BCF change of name
“ English” is to replace “British,” but not clear yet whether it will become the ECF, the ECA, or Chess England…

e) British Championships
Norman Stephenson was presented with his Senior Champion’s Trophy. Gerry then announced that the Centenary Championship(s) are to be held this year in Scarborough.

f) BCF membership fees
There were proposals on the table for a mandatory membership fee of £8/£10, with the game fee being scrapped and congress fees to fall significantly.