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Minutes of Executive Meeeting held on 8th February 2005 at The Queen's Head,Stokesley

1.Apologies for absence were received from Tony Kiddle,Alan Trotter,Steve Dauber,Whitby representatives

2.The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as a true record

3.Matters Arising:

~The BCF Insurance Scheme has been discontinued.We were now looking around for suitable quotes
~The Minor Trophy Shield is now full.It was agreed to purchase a new trophy


Phil Semp had purchased the minimum 4 copies of the BCF Yearbook.The point was made that it has been practice to purchase one for each club.It was agreed he order extra copies to accord with this.

Ray Pallister reported that floodlighting would have been required to hold the next round of the KO Cup at Synthonia.This had not been possible.Accordingly,the next round is to be held at the Westgarth Social Club.

Ray reported that some teams had been a bit late with notifying their results.Some confusion may have arisen,as teams can also report their individual match scores to Steve Henderson on the Cleveland Website.He reminded those present that it was the captain's responsibility to notify him(by post or email) of the results,irrespective of any missive to Steve.

The next meeting of the Association will be the AGM.Ray reminded people to call club meetings well beforehand to discuss any contentious issues and/or those that they would like bringing to the Association's attention

Gerry Walsh raised the following issues:
a)He had attended Ormesby Secondary School for the NCCU Schools'Award
b)He had had a letter from Richard Caborn,the Government Minister,informing him why chess could not be considered a sport.However,the Opposition is to table an amendment to the H of L to the effect that mind games be considered sports...

Brian Myers reported on the latest state of play in the Major and Minor Individuals

Steve Henderson reported that he was continuing to receive results and reports from individual members and that the website was working ok.It will be overhauled shortly.In addition, the discussions on the webpages have been "cleaned up"

5.Notified discussion items:

There is currently no smoking over the board,but some members want it banned from the playing room altogether.This is to be an item at the next AGM

(ii)mandatory BCF membership
There has been general resistance to this at BCF gatherings,but there is currently a proposal to permit the NCCU to operate a pilot scheme from next July(if all 8 Northern Counties agree).The affiliation fee would be 10.The advantages,as outlined by Gerry were:-
*no game fee
*all club championships would be graded
*clubs playing in two counties(e.g.Darlington)would only pay a single BCF fee of 10
*congress fees will be reduced
*the NCCU would get more votes at the BCF
Gerry agreed to set down on paper the whys and wherefores of mandatory BCF membership and to liase with Steve Dauber to obtain overall costings.He also expressed a willingness to address clubs on this issue,if invited.


Gerry Walsh(President) Phil Semp(Assn Sec) Ray Pallister(League Organiser) Jeremy Burnett(BS) Graham Edwards(BS) Joe Richardson(S) Dave Richardson(TH) Brian Myers(Ew) Keith Smith(H) Graham Mattews(H) Jim Rogers(A) Ken Boxall(Pl) Collin Smith(Pl) Steve Henderson(Wp) Stuart Morgan(G) Dennis Sawdon(UE)