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Minutes of Executive Meeting held on 21st September 2005 at The Queen's Head, Stokesley.

Present Ray Pallister (League Organiser), Steve Daaber (Treasurer), David, Smith (M), Steve Henderson (E and N), David Smith (H), Frank Boagey (H), Graham Matthews (H), Steve McCormack (TH), Geoff Garnett (E), John Garnett (E), Brian Myers (E), Jim Rogers (A), Joe Richardson (S), Graham Edwards (BS), Jeremy Burnett (BS), Dave Richardson (TH), Stuart Morgan (G), Ian Richardson (S), Dennis Sawdon (UE), Tibor Loborik (TH), Austin Morley (S),
James Morley (S).

1. Apologies for absence were received from Gerry Walsh (President), Phil Semp (Secretary), Tony Kiddle, David Baillie, Bernie Price and Alan Trotter.

In the absence of the President and the Secretary, Ray Pallister chaired the meeting and David Smith (M) took the minutes.

2. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

3. Matters arising. Steve Henderson asked whether Gerry Walsh had produced a paper on mandatory BCF membership. This had been dealt with verbally at the AGM.

4. League matters. Ray Pallister raised the following items

(a) After excellent service, Bob Rowe has resigned as County Grader. Bob had been unhappy to receive grading information via third parties, rather than directly to him; although he had pointed out these problems, the situation had not improved. Ray commented on the marvellous work done by Bob and then appealed for a new grader. No one at the meeting volunteered to do this, so Ray urged those present to bring this urgent matter to the attention of everyone at their clubs.

(b) Fixture lists have been sent to clubs. 7 teams entered the C division; Ray has organised 3 cycles of 6 matches, making 18 in all. He hoped that this arrangement will be acceptable; should C team captains find it 'too heavy' he can rearrange to have 12 matches. Captains should contact Ray if they want this change to be made. At present, not all Elmwood teams have captains; this needs to be resolved.

(c) At the AGM it had been decide to discontinue the practice of giving individual  trophies and to instead give cash prizes to successful teams. The Executive would meet to suggest levels of funding. Steve Henderson was unsure of exactly what had finally been agreed to at the AGM, but Ray Pallister suggested that we listened to the proposals, and this was acceptable to everyone.

Steve Dauber outlined the following proposals. They are based on the current league fees, so that roughly the same amount will be paid out as is received.

  Winner Runner Up
A Div 100 50
B Div 90 40
C Div 80 40
KO Cup 60 30
Plate 40 20

Also, the club showing the largest increase in membership should be given an award of 25 pounds.

These proposals were accepted, with one abstention.

(d) Presentations of trophies were then made to the A division winners (Rooks), B division winners (Hungarians), C division winners (Upper Eskdale), K.O. Cup winners (Elmwood) and Plate winners (Synthonia). David Wise won the County championship.

Stuart Morgan asked about the celebratory set; it is stored in a bank.

(e) Ray Pallister mentioned that our K.O. Cup is named after Tom Wise. He suggested that in view of the excellent spirit shown by the Synthonia club it would be fitting to name the Plate after Jeremy Burnett. This was unanimously agreed.

(f) Synthonia are the first club to win the award for greatest increase in membership.

5. BCF matters. Ray Pallister asked captains to highlight the following two new rules before the start of play in each match.

(i) The move should be played and then recorded on the scoresheet. Should the move be written on the scoresheet before playing the move, that intention must be honoured.

(ii) Mobile phones must be switched off during play. In the subsequent discussion people asked what would happen if these rules were infringed. Ray thought that 'common sense' would usually prevail, but that if the rules were consistently explained at the start of play there should not be problems.

6. Under AOB, Steve Henderson mentioned that the BCF becomes the ECF in October.