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These mins have been signed off (after amendments to 'Local Events') as a true record @ the EM on 17/01/07


13th September 2006, The Queens Head, Stokesley

The meeting was preceded by a minute's silence for John Renwick and Doreen Moore.


*Club Representatives

Atheneum Bernard Price

Billingham Synthonia Brian Whitaker

Darlington Billy Metcalfe

Elmwood Geoff Garnet

Guisborough Stuart Morgan

Hartlepool Graham Matthews

Middlesbrough Tony Kiddle

Peterlee Did not attend

Redcar David Baillie

Stokesley Joe Richardson

Teesside Hungarians Dave Richardson

Upper Eskdale Dennis Sawdon

Whitby Derek Priestley

*Officers and Observers
Ernie Lazenby (Chairperson); Steve Dauber (Treasurer); Phil Semp (CCA Secretary); Ray Pallister (League Organiser, Middlesbrough); David Smith (Individual Championship Organiser, Middlesbrough); Steve Henderson (Webmaster, Redcar); Ian Richardson, Gordon Dickinson (Stokesley); CT Maxwell (Whitby); Graham Matthews, Frank Boagey (Hartlepool)

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Gerry Walsh (President), Graham Edwards (Billingham Synthonia)

MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING: There was one amendment - on the first page, "ELF" should read "ECF"


*Letters from Martin Regan on ECF matters were noted . It was pointed out that members needed to be warned NOT to pay into the NMS scheme - otherwise they would have to pay into the MO scheme as well if they wished to participate in CCA events.

*Letter from Derek Priestley proposing a possible merger between Whitby and Stokesley. It was agreed that this was up to the clubs concerned, who would let Ray know by the end of next week.

The Chairperson pointed out that in order to ensure due process, two matters needed addressing :
(i) Any problems encountered by clubs that were of relevance to the CCA should be communicated by the Club Secretary to the CCA Secretary

(ii) Any action proposed to be taken by the League Organiser should be communicated to the appropriate Club Secretary prior to any release on the CCA Website.

Both were agreed by the meeting.

*Ray needed to know who the captains are for the coming season and whether there were any venue changes from last season. This information to reach him by next Wednesday (20th September). Also, results to be notified to him by team captains, either on card or by email.

*Ray reported that there were 21 teams entered in the Cleveland League this season.
Various possible variations were discussed as to how the 3 Divisions should be constituted. After some debate, it was agreed that each Division shall comprise 7 teams, with one team having a bye in each round; each team to play 12 matches. League season to commence 2nd and 3rd weeks in October.

Brian Whitaker volunteered to be Under-125 Captain for this season.

The Chairperson outlined the situation in which Mike Creaney, who was declining to join the MO Scheme, had tendered his resignation as CCA Grader. Steve Henderson agreed to step in to fill this post.

It was decided to diversify the venues for AGM and Exec Meetings to ensure, as far as possible, that no club is consistently disadvantaged by having to travel long distances. It was left to Officers to arrange this.
Regarding the KO Cup, Westgarth Social Club had, in recent years, been used for the first two rounds on account of room capacity there. It was agreed to leave the venues for later rounds to the League Organiser.

Discussion took place on two sets of local events:

i) Sean Marsh was organising a series of tournaments which would not be under CCA auspices. It was agreed to publicise these and to encourage members to participate, as a game fee would be involved - so accordingly games will be graded.

The above i) amended to read as follows

i) Sean Marsh was organising a series of tournaments which would not be under CCA auspices.  It was agreed to publicise these and to encourage members to participate, as these games will be graded.

(amended at the Jan 17th EM 2007)

(ii) There was concern that Graham Marshall, having been voted money from CCA funds, was now pulling his events from the ECF Calendar and that possibly no discounts were to be offered to CCA members. After some discussion, it was decided that this meeting had no power to overturn an AGM decision to subsidise GM's events. It was agreed to seek clarification on the matter of discounts and inform members accordingly.

Steve Dauber read out the list of winners and runners up and amounts given. (There are three pages here - so these will be printed and tabled).

*The question was asked as to why decisions adopted at one meeting were being overturned at the next. It was pointed out that where situations were fluid, and then radically changed (e.g. NCCU/ NMS/ECF) we had to discuss these - and possibly change our previous decisions.

*The Chair offered to present a "Chairman's Cup" for the winners of each Division, over and above the League trophies, from 2006/07.

*It was agreed that the CCA Constitution, governing eligibility of individuals to play for County teams, meant that Mike Creaney, who was keen to play, was eligible for the preliminary rounds.

*It was announced that the ECF, in recognition of Cleveland's past support , is to offer a place in the English Championship for the winner of the Cleveland Individual.