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Wednesday, 12TH September 2007,

Synthonia Club, Billingham [ unratified]


The Exec meeting followed the EGM. Some discussion took place regarding the number of delegates permitted per club. Unfortunately, no one present had a copy of the Constitution. The Secretary thought that only one per club was permitted (in addition to the Officers), but the Meeting decided to go with two per club. *



David Jackaman - Billingham Synthonia; William Metcalfe - Darlington; Brian Whitaker, Paul Douglass Ė Griffin; Stuart Morgan - Guisborough; Graham Matthews, Keith Smith - Hartlepool; Ernie Lazenby, David Smith- Middlesbrough; Bill McGregor - Peterlee; Dave Baillie, David Edmunds - Redcar; Joe Richardson Ė Stokesley. There were no representatives present from Elmwood, Upper Eskdale or Whitby (apologies were presented)



Read and accepted



The President reported that a Draft Constitution was currently on the website for down loading. This would have to be considered at an EGM. Once agreed, the Rules can be re-written in line with the new Constitution.

Agreed that the secretary should write to Philip Mitcheson with a view to arranging a date for an AGM to ensure he can be present.



ECF Yearbook.

It was agreed to abandon the traditional practice of ordering one for each club+ one for officers, in view of the fact that it is readily available for perusing on the ECF website. Also, to cut down on the order would save CCA money. Instead, it was agreed to order the minimum of 4 (to obtain price concessions and to have hard copies available). Should any clubs request hard copies, more can be ordered.


Simultaneous display by Daniel King

Andrew Killick had organised a simultaneous display to be given by GM Daniel King at Yarm School. Details were provided to the meeting.


MO Agreement

The CCA MO Agreement had been signed. Steve Henderson had designed a form for each person to fill in, which would be included in a package to be sent to club secretaries. The completed forms need to be returned to Steve and he would put appropriate details on a spreadsheet and send down to ECF.

Ivory Chess Set

It was reported that the President and Secretary had deposited the Ivory Chess Set at Tennants in Leyburn: the Secretary had signed the Property Receipt and Instruction Form on behalf of CCA, the former Chair having previously negotiated a reduced fee. CCA having agreed to a colourful catalogue illustration, Tennants agreed to provide us with a free catalogue.



Steve Henderson, in the absence of an official League Organiser, presented a number of scenarios concerning possible numbers in each Division, based on certain assumptions about which teams were playing in the League. There was still uncertainty concerning the future of Whitby Chess Club and whether or not Middlesbrough Knights would be fielding a team (especially should Bishops be demoted to the "C" Division). After some discussion it was agreed that, irrespective of the final numbers of teams in the League, there should be no more than one team difference in numbers between the "B" and "C" Divisions **

In the light of the demise of Athenaeum and its members joining Hartlepool it was agreed that Hartlepool should move into the "A" Division. It was also agreed that Middlesbrough Bishops should remain in the "B" Division.

It was agreed that the Secretary would contact Derek Priestley re Whitby and liase with David Smith about Middlesbrough Knights.

Keith Smith agreed to be League Organiser, but not to take on the KO Cup. The President and the Secretary agreed to do this between them. The meeting agreed that the first two rounds would be played at the home teamís venue at an agreed time within a specified window. The Semis and Final to be played at a neutral venue, each on a specified date.



Brian Whitaker reported that as yet there were only 10 players committed to County Chess: a minimum of 14 or 15 were required. The deadline for entry had been extended.



Mike Creaney was not present, but it was reported by Steve Henderson that Mike had put all the updated grades on the website. The meeting thanked Mike for all the work put in on this.



The ex treasurer reported that there had been a deficit for the year of £540 and, therefore, an increase in League Fee to £4 had been agreed. The audit could not be performed until all bank statements had been provided.

This was to be acted on by the incoming Treasurer.



A letter from Sophie Hare was read concerning the ECF AGM on 20th October 2007. It was not clear how many delegates CCA were entitled to. Steve Henderson agreed to contact Martin Regan. As things stand, Steve is the delegate and William Metcalfe reserve. Steve agreed to place papers on the website and to receive any feedback.


Sets and Boards

Steve Henderson asked whether we had any Cleveland sets and boards. It was agreed not, but that 10 chess clocks were in the hands of the Secretary.

NCCU payout

Bill OíRourke said he wanted to send us £2-24 as a payout for members who joined the NMS scheme in 2006-07. It was agreed to donate this back to the NCCU.


*The correct allocation is one per club, but there were no contentious votes in which any material alteration in delegate numbers would have made a difference.

** The final makeup was "A" Division= 8 teams, "B" Division= 7 teams, "C" Division= 6 teams.