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CCA exec meeting.
19th February 2008.
Queens Head Stokesley

Unfortunately only one member turned up for this meeting the last in the current format.
To simplify only those items talked about that may be of immediate interest are herewith produced for your information..

The Secretary mentioned that due to an invoicing error Tennant’s auction house had deducted too much from the proceeds of the Ivory Chess set and we have now been sent the balance due to us. This error could have easily gone unnoticed but for the secretary’s eye for detail.

The Chairman said that Mr Ron Stather had agreed to audit the CCA accounts
prior to the June AGM. Mr Stather is well qualified to do this and he has agreed
to do it foc.
An inventory of equipment owned by the CCA will be maintained by the

The Chairman said that he was in the process of completing the CCA child
protection policy and it was being based on a model put out by the sports
council and one that has been adopted by the ECF and a number of county
chess associations (and by many other sports/activities)

The treasurer produced a detailed report and balance sheet and these are available
on this webb site. Click HERE - PDF

The President said that all matters regarding registration and finance were now
being handled by the treasurer to whom all such enquiries should be directed.


The following item of information was not discussed at the above meeting but is included for your information.

The ECF has available 250,000 free chess sets to be distributed to schools. Mr Gerry Walsh has taken on the role of co-ordinator in respect of Cleveland’s allocation. Mr Walsh the ECF president, and former CCA President, has been heavily involved in negotiations to obtain these sets.

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