Teesside Challenge Trophy - 1886Teesside Challenge Trophy 1886 - Update 21/12/07
The Chess Set was sold at Tennants auction on Nov 23rd 2007 for 15,000. The new owner has contacted the CCA and has kindly agreed to the CCA publishing details of where the Chess set is now.


Here is the email we received and the web address

Dear chess friends, I thought it would be appropriate to contact you to let you know that today I received the Teesside set, box, and board that I had purchased from the winner of the Tennant auction. It is a magnificent piece of history, and I wanted to assure you that the trophy will be very well cared-for and appreciated.

Best regards,

Jon Crumiller
Princeton, New Jersey USA
(I am solely a collector, not a dealer, so my website is only for the benefit of antique chess collectors around the world.)


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Tees-Side Chess Association
Challenge Trophy 1886

This magnificent chess set was purchased by Tees-Side Chess Association on July 2nd 1886 for the price of 14.2's.0d. For our younger viewers that's 14 pounds, 2 shillings and 0 pence. It's fair to say that in 1886 it was an extremely large amount of money.

It has been the A division winners Trophy for as long as I can remember but after Gerry Walsh had the chess set valued at an estimated 20,000+ by the Antiques Roadshow on the 6th April 2000, it was decide to place the chess set in a bank vault for safe keeping. It has resided in the bank vault ever since.


The board it's self is approx H24"xW24"xD1" and the square size is approx H2"xW2". The pieces are made of ivory and screw apart. Up the side of the chess board there are some peg holes, presumably to keep track of the score. The pegs are still with the chess set.


The King stands 4 inches in height and the Queen just short of that at 3 inches. The Bishop is 3 inches in height, Knight 2 inches , Rook 2 inches and the pawns 2 inches. All the pieces are weighted and have a nice feel to them.



The box for the pieces is approx H6"xW12"xD9"
All teams that have ever won this trophy have their own little silver plaque in recognition of that fact.

The first winners of this Trophy were Hartlepool in 1886. From 1887 to 1895 Stockton Chess Club held the Trophy only to lose it again to Hartlepool in 1896! Stockton went on to win the Trophy back in 1897 and held on to it up until 1900 when Hartlepool won it back! To see the full list of winners of this Trophy click here.

Below is a copy taken from a book which contains the original accounts from 6th October 1886 detailing receipts on the left and expenditure on the right. The purchase of the Chess Set as the "Challenge Trophy" is recorded under expenditure on July 2nd 1886 for the costly sum of 14.2.0.



Clubs paying subscription fees on the left are

Saltburn Club
Redcar Club
Middlesbrough Club
Stockton Club
Hartlepool Club
Mr A Lucas

Total of 17.18.10


March 1 - by Ficap for rules
Oct 12 - by ???????????????????
July 2 - Cost of "Challenge Trophy"
             carriage of - ditto - ????
             cost of draft? + stamps

              cash in hand

Total of  17.18.10

Total balance in the treasures hands of association funds on Oct 16/86 is

3.12.0 - F W Griffin


Winners of the Challenge Trophy Chess Set Since 1886
Note: In 2004 a *NEW* A Div Trophy was bought to replace
The 1886 Challenge Trophy

2003-04 Elmwood A
2002-03 Elmwood A
2001-02 Middlesbrough Rooks
2000-01 Middlesbrough Rooks
1999-00 Middlesbrough Rooks
1998-99 Middlesbrough Rooks
1997-98 Elmwood A
1996-97 Middlesbrough Rooks
1995-96 Elmwood A
1993-94 Middlesbrough A
1992-93 Middlesbrough A
1991-92 Elmwood A
1990-91 Middlesbrough
1989-90 Middlesbrough
1988-89 Middlesbrough
1987-88 Guisborough
1986-87 Middlesbrough
1985-86 Middlesbrough
1984-85 Middlesbrough
1983-84 Middlesbrough
1982-83 Middlesbrough
1981-82 Darlington
1980-81 Redcar
1979-80 Middlesbrough
1978-79 Middlesbrough
1977-78 Darlington
1976-77 Middlesbrough
1975-76 Middlesbrough
1974-75 Middlesbrough
1973-74 Middlesbrough
1972-73 Middlesbrough
1971-72 Middlesbrough
1970-71 Middlesbrough
1969-70 Middlesbrough
1968-69 Middlesbrough
1967-68 Middlesbrough
1966-67 West Hartlepool
1965-66 Middlesbrough
1964-65 Middlesbrough
1963-64 Stockton
1962-63 Middlesbrough
1961-62 Middlesbrough
1960-61 Middlesbrough
1959-60 Middlesbrough
1958-59 Stockton
1957-58 Middlesbrough
1956-57 Stockton
1955-56 Middlesbrough
1954-55 Middlesbrough
1953-54 Middlesbrough
1952-53 Middlesbrough
1951-52 Middlesbrough
1950-51 Middlesbrough
1949-50 Stockton
1948-9 Middlesbrough
1947-8 Darlington
1946-7 Middlesbrough
1945 Middlesbrough
1938 Guisborough
1937 Stockton
1936 Darlington
1935 Middlesbrough
1934 Middlesbrough
1933 Stockton
1932 Middlesbrough
1931 Guisborough
1930 Middlesbrough
1929 Guisborough
1928 Middlesbrough
1927 Stockton
1926 Stockton
1925 Middlesbrough
1924 Middlesbrough
1923 Middlesbrough
1922 Middlesbrough
1921 Middlesbrough
1920 Stockton
1914 Middlesbrough
1913 Stockton
1912 West Hartlepool
1911 Stockton
1910 West Hartlepool
1909 West Hartlepool
1908 Stockton
1907 West Hartlepool
1906 Saltburn
1905 West Hartlepool
1904 Saltburn
1903 Saltburn
1902 West Hartlepool
1901 West Hartlepool
1900 Stockton
1899 Stockton
1898 Stockton
1897 Stockton
1896 West Hartlepool
1895 Stockton
1894 Stockton
1893 Stockton
1892 Stockton
1891 Stockton
1890 Stockton
1889 Stockton
1888 Stockton
1887 Stockton
1886 Hartlepool