Cleveland Chess Association is committed to the promotion of chess however it also recognises a duty of care towards safeguarding the welfare of all children and young people (under 18) who play chess organised by the association.

The CCA recognises its responsibilities to promote safe practice and to protect children from harm, abuse and exploitation.

The CCA is a members’ organisation and thus has no control over how individual chess clubs are constituted or managed; it is expected however that clubs entering teams in CCA authorised events such as the league or cup follow good practice to safeguard children and young persons under 18 who are members. In that respect it is expected club officials be aware of the current legislation governing children involved in sporting activities. The CCA also expects club officials to take immediate and appropriate action against any member giving concern as to his/her behaviour towards children and young persons.

The CCA strongly recommends that any adult drawn against a child or young person in either of the individual championships plays the game supervised at a recognised club.

The CCA officers will deal effectively and promptly with any issues involving children and young persons brought to their attention however, the nature of the organisation is such that they cannot be individually or collectively held responsible for the behaviour of individual members in private clubs.

Any member of the association who has concerns about the behaviour of a fellow club member in respect of a child or young person is encouraged to speak in the first instance to his/her club officials.

The officers of the association draw members’ attention to the CCA constitution introduced as of 1st May 2008. There is provision for the termination of membership of the association in certain circumstances and any proven unacceptable behaviour in respect of a child or young person would fall within this remit.
Notes for guidance

The CCA does not currently have a junior organiser. Should someone be willing to take on that role he/she will have to be Enhanced DBS cleared and take on the role of child protection officer.

The English chess federation has available via its web site advice on what is good and bad practice when dealing with children. The CCA strongly advises that club officials read that advice and adopt it as deemed appropriate.